Week 8

Photo Contest
Monday –

Assignement: Create TWO spot color pictures

Tuesday –
WK8 Color Spot – Turn in to Google drive folder


 Use one of your pictures as well…. 5 total

Time to finish and work with spot colors

Thursday –
WK8 Spot Color 2 –
Edit and spot color three of your pictures and post to Google drive

WK8 Mergers
WK8 Mergers

Better Photographic Composition
Lighthouse Tutorial

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Week 7

Assignment 1
– Contact Sheet and importance of…..
-Create a contact sheet of the portrait pictures you took (USE PowerPoint)

What to include:

– 20 pictures of the portraits that you took last week
There should be no pics of you on your contact sheet – you didn’t take them….your partner did.
– Save the ONE page Google slide and put in turn in folder.


Part 2 –
I want you to take a picture that you have taken and edit it “properly”

1- WK7 Proper edit picture (Minor edits)
2 – WK7 Crazy picture (Major Edits….have fun)

Turn in to Google drive folder

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Week 6

Monday –
WK6 Mona Lisa
Article: Mona Lisa and Great Portraits What are portraits? (PDF link)

Answer these questions: WK6 Mona Lisa

What do you see in this famous painting that could teach us about photography?
How would you setup a portrait of someone if you were asked to do so?
(The following questions are from the reading…)
What is pyramidal composition – Why give their hands something to lean on? What are the different ways to use the background?
What does a shadow do?
What is the take home message on clothing?
What is thought to be missing from the Mona Lisa?
How does it affect framing?

Photoshop Practice Turn in as – WK6 Photoshop Practice
1 Model  2 Old Picture  3 Hiker

ThursdayPICTURE DAY!  Go outside and take portrait pictures:

  • Participate in discussion about what portrait photography tells us
    • Take between 20-30 pictures exploring the idea of portraits

Download and edit pictures-ALL pictures should be edited for quality and technique in Photoshop.


Part 1 –
Edit and turn in pictures
Edit and Post three pictures to blog post(Medium size picture please):Week 6 three portraits
Post your BEST overall photo as well medium size: Week 6 Best Portrait

Part 2 –
I want you to take a picture of
you and edit two pictures…..
1- WK6 Regular picture (Minor edits)
2 – WK6 Crazy picture (Major Edits….have fun)

Post both as labeled

Friday –  (No School)

Week 5

Picture Day is Wednesday –

Know the composition terms:

Composition Terms
Rule of thirds
Selective Focus
Leading Lines
Horizon Line

Wednesday –

Take Pics of Composition Techniques = WK5 Technique Photos
Take Pics outside – Ideally you would take between 30-50 pictures in the 35 minutes that we are outside.) Download and edit your top photos (ALL PHOTOS POSTED THE REST OF THE SEMESTER SHOULD BE EDITED)
Post and label one picture for: (WK5 Techniques)
Rule of Thirds, Lighting, Informal/Formal Balance, Grouping, Selective Focus, Horizon Line, Leading Line, Framing

WK5 Comp Pics
Using Google Slide or Photoshop(Save as a jpg) – Create a collage showing the different composition techniques: 2 Photos per technique
Rule of Thirds, Lighting, Informal/Formal Balance, Grouping, Selective Focus, Horizon Line, Leading Line, Framing-Make sure you label what each one represents.
1 Photoshop How To Basics –
2 Photoshop How To Basics 2 Photo Composition:Rule of Thirds-Lighting-Informal/Formal Balance-Grouping-Selective Focus-Horizon Line-Leading Line-Framing

Critique two(2) of your photos that you took in this class when we went out to take pictures:
Photo Critique Of Your Photos (How to)
Please write this in proper paragraph form and post to your blog- (
May need to do 3 if your answers are short – Use the photos that you took for this assignment)
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Week 4

Picture Day – Wednesday Oct. 2

Monday –Career Tree

Tuesday –
WK4 Composition 
Rule of thirds
Selective Focus
Leading Lines
Horizon Line

What rules does it fit and why?

Thursday– WK4 Composition
Photoshop Practice
Photoshop-practice and Camera Practice
Photoshop practice 2

Thursday-WK 4 Boat Composition

Explain the composition techniques of each picture:

Post as WK4 Boat Composition

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Week 3

Monday –

1 Elements of Composition in Photography – PDF

Google Classroom –WK3 Elements of Composition in Photography


Wk 3 Focus Assignment #1

Photography – How do you use it in your world?
Here are some questions:

– What makes a “great” photograph?
– What makes a great photographer
-What is photography?
– What makes a “great” camera?
Nikon      Canon      JVC       Sony

-Tell me about these cameras:
Olympus OMD
Sony A7

– Is it important to have an expensive camera? Why?
– Does your family own a camera?  How many? What brand?
– What type of photographs do you take?

-Do you post photos to Facebook, Instagram, etc.

– What jobs are available for photographers?

Tell me about:

  • Internship OpportunitiesQuestions:
    • Curator Jobs
      • Event Photography Jobs
        • Architectural Photography

Wk 3 Focus Assignment #1

Remember: You need to write in complete sentences, proper paragraphs and correct spelling.  Post to your blog when you are done.


Photography Vocabulary – WK3 Vocab

WK3 Critique
Photo critique 1 – BLOG


Photoshop intro

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Week 2

Finish About Me on GC

Photo Critique – Google Classroom


photo_analysis_worksheet – GC

Quizlet – Vocab terms

http://quizlet.com/_91cd9 – (Handout)

vocabulary assignment-BLOG as WK2 Vocab


Formal Critique

spruce goose tiananmen_square FlagRaisingPhotographIwoJima lockness_monster manmoonuse_jpg_w300h375

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