Week 14

Edit Portrait Pictures
Turn them in

Google Photos –

Wednesday –


Finish pixlr.com Projects 1 and 2

WK14 Pixlr 2

WK14 Crazy Creation – Create TWO crazy (school appropriate) creations

WK14 sepia – Create TWO portraits that are in sepia tones

WK14 Artfunckle – Create TWO Andy Warhol pictures.   ——     Effects>Creative>Artfunkle – GC

FREE – Great alternative to Photoshop Gimp

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Week 13

Assignment 1 – Correct Color and Tone – Do all 5 photos

practice pic





Wednesday –

Photo Apps
Bring your camera on Friday.

Find 5* Photo Apps(Sites) – and let me know what they do.
Cell phone – 2
Online – 3
*Please do NOT use Pixlr as I used it as an example

Portraits discussion – 
“A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he is being photographed, and what he does with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he’s wearing or how he looks.” – Richard Avedon

“The moment a picture is about clothes, makeup, and hair, it ceases to be a portrait.” – unknown
Famous Portrait Photographers


Friday –
Bring your camera today.
Portrait Assignment

WK 13 Portraits Part 2
Turn one of them into black and white
Edit the background on one to make it blurry (shallow depth of field)
Edit one and change it to a spot color picture

WK13 Portraits – Turn in the three best portraits that you took after you edit them – Due today


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Week 12

Monday –
WK12 Spot/Heal Tools
Red Eye/Healing Tool assignment:
Red Eye Healing and Blemish tool


WK12 Green eye/red eye 
Green eye removal

             Husky-redeye  Shiro_200504-2

Red eye
  Astrid_com_orelhonas-crop   Severe_red_eye


Marion County Fair


Watch videos-

Make up work

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Week 11

Monday –
Read article –
Photography Outlook (PDF)
Photography Outlook (Word)
Write a reflection – post to blog WK11 Photography Outlook Reflection
(Paragraph form – Do not just answer the questions)

Ideas to talk about:
What do photographers do?
What is the work environment?
How many photographers are employed?
What training is important
What is the employment outlook?
How much does a photographer make?
What occupations use people with similar artistic talent?



Thursday –
WK11 View From My Chair – 5 photos (no more or not less)
Go outside and take pictures – WK11 Structures (Buildings)

Edit/Post pics post as WK 11 Structures

Finish Pics and clean up Blog – makeup work needs to be turned in.

Photography Exposure

View the last 15 minutes of class – Pics from iPhone 6

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Week 10

Monday –  Thursday
Photographer Research Project


Present Photographer report
Presentation Grade

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Week 9


DSC_0375 DSC_0245

Start Photoshop
Turn in the two photos after blurring them-Google Classroom

–  Go outside and take pictures
Fall/Spring  assignment

Thursday –
Edit and turn in:
WK9 Angle – 3 best angle photos
WK9 Spring- 3 best fall photos

Finished? Look at Photoshop filters

Create your own Insta filter? – Extra Credit Challenge

Word search –


Friday –
Hot Chocolate Photo Lab
take 20+ photos
GC- Turn in best photo, most creative, B/W

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Week 8

Photo Contest
Monday –

Assignment: Create TWO spot color pictures

Wednesday –
WK8 Color Spot – Turn in to Google Classroom

Use TWO of your pictures as well…. 5 total

Friday –
WK8 Spot Color 2 –
Edit and spot color three of your pictures and post to Google drive

Time to finish and work with spot colors

Talk Mergers

WK8 Mergers
WK8 Mergers

Better Photographic Composition
Lighthouse Tutorial

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