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Week 18

Monday –

Tuesday –  End of year photo critique (Do on Google Slides)

Photo Critique – Post as WK18 Photographer Critique

Choose one photograph from FIVE different photographers – 5 photos total
Please do this project in paragraph form.

Step 1
Label the picture you are critiquing – Who is the photographer?
Look at the composition or content in the photograph. What is the center of interest in the picture?

Where did the photographer place it in the frame?

Did the photographer get close enough to the subject to include only what is important, or are there wasted parts of the picture with elements that do not add to the message of the photo?

Step 2
Next, observe the background in the photograph. How does the background add or distract from the message of the photo?

Step 3
Take a look at the technical camera work involved in the photograph. Are the subjects sharp and clearly in focus? Is the photo exposed properly (too dark/light)?

Step 4
Finally, offer your own personal feelings on the photograph.

What do you like about the selected subject?

Is it an emotional shot, a story, a statement, a humorous photo?

What would you do differently if you had the chance to take the same photograph?

How to earn your points:

5 – Demonstrate knowledge of composition, technique, creativity, color correction and skill

4 – Demonstrate knowledge of composition, technique, possibly color correction and skill

3 – Demonstrate knowledge of composition and color

2 – Demonstrate a key concept of composition

1 – Struggling with knowledge





Finish photo critique
Independent Review Photosphop (color, tone, layers, crop, red eye, healing, black and white, color spot)

Turn into Google Classroom

red eye picFix Red Eye

DSC_0016Fix color/Tone

DSC_0234Spot Color

Monday – Start final

Week 17


Turn in the Photographer in Me Project
Go to
Picture to People and create a picture and post it as –
WK17 Polaroid

Adobe Spark

  • Adobe Spark Assignment 1
    Take your Twenty(20) BEST photos taken this semester and create an Adobe Spark
    It must include:
    Caption on TEN slides
    Copy the embed code and post to GC WK17 Adobe Spark 1

Adobe Spark Assignment 2

  • Create a fifteen (15) picture Adobe Spark project on something of your choice.
    Caption 8 (Eight) slides
  • Copy the embed code and post to GC WK17 Adobe Spark 2


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Week 16

Monday Friday
The Photographer in Me –

This is an open ended assignment.  You may use all the tools at your disposal.  Be creative, have fun and let me see what you know. There are some rules you need to follow:

Part 1
Create a Google Slides presentation
1-Post YOUR five (5) best photographs to the start of your project:

2-What are the photos are about? Where were they taken?

Do the following to EACH shot
3-What is the composition for each shot?:
Rule of thirds
Selective Focus
Leading Lines
Horizon Line
(Be Specific) Most pics will have be an example of multiple shots.
4-What camera did you use on each photo?
5-What is something that you would change in each photo or what could improve?
6-What Photoshop edits did you make on each photo?
7-What was the mood (How does it make you feel) for each picture?

Part 2
This section is about youBe specific:
8-What do the pictures say about you as an artist?
9-What type of pictures do you like to take? Give two photographic example…
10-What are your two more favorite pictures that you have taken this semester? Show the pictures…
11-Are there pictures that you do not like to take?  Why?

Part 3
(Choose TWO – A,B,C,D or E)

A) Create a contact sheet of your best 20 pictures
B) Create a Pinterest page of your photgraphy.. with 15-20 photos featured
C) Photoshop your best two photos and frame for the Marion County Fair
D) Create an Instagram/SnapChat/Facebook post to your account and #SouthPhoto and make sure you let Mr. Eriksen know.
E) Your choice approved by Mr. Eriksen

Part 4
a) Edit and create 2 photos  using Pixlr Editor

b) Edit and create 2 photos  using Pixlr Express

c) Edit and create 2 photos  using Pixlr-o-matic

Part 5

a) What is photography? (Open ended question)


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Week 15

Monday –
WK15 Nolaroid
Use Pixlr-o-matic to create some vintage pictures
Create five (5) Pixlr-o-matic
Post five (5) pictures to Google Classroom


WK15 Pixlr3 
Use Pixlr Editor
 PE Filter  (Use a filter – any)
 PE Old Picture (Use adjustment – Old Photo)
 PE HDR (Use filter- mimic HDR)
 PE Night Vision (Use filter – night vision)
 PE Posterize (Adjustment – posterize)
Create three (3) pictures of your own
Post eight (8) pictures to Google Classroom


Giving Tree Assignment – Take 30-40
Complete Giving Tree Assignment
Edit and post your FIVE(5) best GT photos


Week 14 –


Finish Projects 1 and 2

WK14 Pixlr 2

WK14 Crazy Creation – Create TWO crazy (school appropriate) creations

WK14 sepia – Create TWO portraits that are in sepia tones

WK14 Artfunckle – Create TWO Andy Warhol pictures.   ——     Effects>Creative>Artfunkle – GC

FREE – Great alternative to Photoshop Gimp

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