Week 1

Make sure you can log onto your email account (southsaxons.com)
photo-syllabus 1516
Log on and look at Google account

User name: student id number (ex: 7654321)
Passsword: student id number with a period at the end (ex: 7654321.)
Students will be prompted to change their password after the first log in.
To email a student, their email address is their 7 digit student id # @salemkeizer.org (ex: 7654321@salemkeizer.org)

Photography Timeline History


Setup Google Classroom

Google Classroom Question:

WK1 Photography Is
What is photography to you?
Do you have an camera?
Have you ever used a film camera?
When is the last time you had a picture printed?
When is the last time you posted a picture online?

Photo Intro

Introduction Assignment

‘My Life’

You may have seen the American Express ad’s before now is your chance to ‘express’ yourself.  In our introduction assignment you will be asked to introduce yourself.  Below are two advertisements.

Study how they capture themselves.
What props are they using?
Do the images look candid or posed?
How can you express who you are through one photographic image?

This image of was taken by a famous photographer named Annie Leibovitz. 



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