Week 3

Monday –

1 Elements of Composition in Photography – PDF

Google Classroom –


Wk 3 Focus Assignment #1 (Use this title and post on your blog)

Photography – How do you use it in your world?
Here are some questions:

– What makes a “great” photograph?
– What makes a great photographer
-What is photography?
– What makes a “great” camera?
Nikon      Canon      JVC       Sony

-Tell me about these cameras:
Olympus OMD
Sony A7

– Is it important to have an expensive camera? Why?
– Does your family own a camera?  How many? What brand?
– What type of photographs do you take?

-Do you post photos to Facebook, Instagram, etc.

– What jobs are available for photographers?

Tell me about:

  • Internship Opportunities
    • Curator Jobs
      • Event Photography Jobs
        • Architectural Photography

Wk 3 Focus Assignment #1

Remember: You need to write in complete sentences, proper paragraphs and correct spelling.  Post to your blog when you are done.


Photography Vocabulary – WK3 Vocab

WK3 Critique
Photo critique 1 – BLOG


Photoshop intro

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