Week 11

Monday –
Read article –
Photography Outlook (PDF)
Photography Outlook (Word)
Write a reflection – post to blog WK11 Photography Outlook Reflection
(Paragraph form – Do not just answer the questions)

Ideas to talk about:
What do photographers do?
What is the work environment?
How many photographers are employed?
What training is important
What is the employment outlook?
How much does a photographer make?
What occupations use people with similar artistic talent?


Tuesday –
WK11 View From My Chair – 5 photos (no more or not less)
Go outside and take pictures – WK11 Structures (Buildings)

Edit/Post pics post as WK 11 Structures

Finish Pics and clean up Blog – make up work needs to be turned in.

Photography Exposure

View the last 15 minutes of class – Pics from iPhone 6

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